My world without you
Nothing ever hurt like you.
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“Eu odeio admitir, mas eu sinto a sua falta.”
~ Warley G.  (via rasurador)

“Por que eu ainda fico lembrando de tudo aquilo que você já esqueceu?”
~ Warley G. (via rasurador)

“I’m down ok? Nothing will change that, cause I’m broken and I can’t fix me, nobody can’t. I don’t know about my feeling, cause them change every second, I’m hating everybody, especially me. I’m tired, because I don’t want feeling that, I don’t want hurt anyone, no more. I hurt my parents, and this is worse thing that someone does. Everybody think that it’s easy, yeah, really? Maybe, but when you have friends, really friend, it’s not an thing more difficult, but when you are alone, this is. Whatever, fuck everybody.”
~ me


Okay so I’m now officially 4 weeks clean, it’s nearly a month since I last cut myself, and to be honest I don’t know how. I’ve been feeling lower than even recently but haven’t turned to my blade for relief. I’m quite proud of myself